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ENERGY STAR qualified room air conditioners use at least 10% less energy than conventional models. The following table shows the energy efficiency ratio (EER) requirements for the various styles and cooling capacities. The ENERGY STAR symbol may also appear on the EnerGuide label to show that the unit is ENERGY STAR qualified.

Standard < 6 000 >= 10.7 >= 9.9
  6 000 to 7 999 >= 10.7 >= 9.9
  8 000 to 13 999 >= 10.8 >= 9.4
  14 000 to 19 999 >= 10.7 >= 9.4
  >= 20 000 >= 9.4 >= 9.4
N/A >= 9.6 N/A
N/A >= 10.5 N/A

Standard style models are designed to fit into a slider or hung type window while through-the-wall models are for installation in a wall opening. Casement-only and casement-slider styles are designed so that they can fit into a casement type window. Note that a special electric plug is required for 240 volt models.

For a listing of most of the room air conditioners sold in Canada link to our List of models: Room Air Conditioners. It can help you choose the most energy-efficient room air conditioner. It provides energy consumption ratings and lets you compare the amount of electricity a room air conditioner uses. You can select just ENERGY STAR qualified models or search for a particular brand name or manufacturer.

The EnerGuide Room Air Conditioner Directory is published every year and provides the most current listing of room air conditioners available on the market.

Source: Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) - Office of Energy Efficiency