WeCAREMaintenance Plans

WeCARE Maintenance Plans

WeCare Protection Plus Plans ensure the performance of your home comfort equipment and provide the highest quality parts and labour at no extra charge. This includes an annual tune-up program and a warranty for the performance of your equipment over the next year. With WeCare Protection Plans, you can be confident your furnace, boiler, air conditioner, fireplace and other equipment will continue to provide safe and reliable comfort for years to come. Annual tune-up programs will increase the life of your equipment and can reduce your energy bills up to 10%. A certified, licensed technician will verify that your equipment is fully operable, efficient and safe, so that your air quality meets the highest standards. ClimateCare technicians are trained to follow our multiple-point quality standards checklist to identify potential problems with your heating and cooling systems. For specific plan information and rates contact your local ClimateCare Member and we’ll get back to you right away.

We insure our cars. We insure our homes. We insure our health. Isn’t your family’s year-round comfort just as important?

We can’t guarantee your furnace won’t break down… but we will guarantee you protection against the cost of most unexpected repairs – and long wait times. ClimateCare’s WeCare Protection Plus Plan is the most comprehensive furnace and A/C protection plan available.

The ClimateCare WeCare Protection Plus Plan delivers peace of mind knowing that your family will be comfortable all year long. For one low monthly payment, you can be worry-free knowing that you’re covered for all parts and labour and priority service if something goes wrong.

Benefits of your WeCare Protection Plus Plan can include:

  • SAVINGS! Parts and labour are covered
  • No after-hours rates
  • Security of service from a company you know and trust
  • Professional, fully licensed technicians
  • Peace of mind knowing your family will be safe and comfortable
  • Priority service appointments
  • Protect your monthly budget and avoid unexpected and expensive repair costs

Taking care of your home comfort system can be costly, especially if there is a problem. With a WeCare Protection Plus Plan you avoid surprising bills for your repairs and take proactive steps to ensure the long-term health of your heating and cooling equipment. The WeCare Protection Plus Plan not only gets you out of a no-heat or no-cool situation, it does more to ensure that you don’t get into one in the first place! With precision tune-ups as part of your plan, you ensure that your local ClimateCare Member will call to schedule preventative maintenance for a time that is convenient for you. Let the WeCare Protection Plus Plan be your best defense!

Protecting Your Heating and Cooling Equipment with ‘We Care’ Plans

Few things feel more hopeless than realizing that your furnace has broken down and it’s freezing outside and you’re facing a hefty charge just to find out what’s wrong because it’s the middle of the night. Even worse is not being able to contact your furnace repair company because they aren’t 24/7.

As part of the Canco promise to you, our customers, we offer several investment levels to ensure that your home stays protected year-round. How do you know which level is best for you?

It’s the one that gives you peace of mind.

Allow our trained home comfort specialists to explain the different levels to you and customize the program that is right for you and your family. We are dedicated to your comfortable and safe home. And our repair technicians are always available for heating emergencies – 24/7 for your safety and comfort.

Getting Complete Peace of Mind with the We Care Protection Plans

With the We Care Protection programs you won’t have to worry about diagnostic charges, parts charges, or annual maintenance again. For a low monthly investment, we’ll be on call – for FREE – when you need us. With no after-hours charges!

Whether you want to protect your furnace, water heater, air conditioner, or all 3, we’ve got the program for you.

It doesn’t even matter if we installed your home comfort appliance, we’re happy to look after it for you – it’s one more way we can provide great service to our great customers. After your Precision Tune-Up, you can decide which level of the We Care Protection Plan will be best for you.

Our Precision Tune-Up Sets the Industry Standard for Your Furnace, Air Conditioner, Fireplace, and More

Any appliance that is powered by combustion (natural gas, wood, oil, etc.) should be cleaned and inspected at least once per year to make sure that it is working at peak efficiency. With any combustion appliance there can be build-up and wear-and-tear that needs to be dealt with. A yearly tune-up will keep your energy bills lower and your home safer.

A system that is maintained annually experiences far fewer breakdowns and the savings in efficiency will often pay for the yearly maintenance visit. Keep your home safe and efficient with our yearly Precision Tune-Ups. We also offer a 30-day diagnostic warranty for any equipment we service.

To make it even easier to invest in your home’s comfort we’ve developed a series of maintenance and protection programs that take the burden off of your wallet.

Take Care of Your HVAC Maintenance with Easy Monthly Payments

The We Care Maintenance Program allows you to pay for your annual maintenance visits with easy monthly installments.

And since it makes our lives easier to know that we’ll be coming to visit you each year we’re able to offer a 20% discount on the regular precision tune-up fees. We’ve also increased the diagnostic warranty to 90 days with the We Care Maintenance Program and added several other bonuses.

Canco Has Furnaces, Fireplaces, Air Conditioners and More

From solid performers that are easier on your wallet to the ultimate in home comfort systems, we have what you’re looking for and the expert staff to make sure you’re well taken care of. Our We Care Protection Plans have been designed for your peace of mind.

At Canco, we’re serious about your home comfort and our home comfort specialist will assess your home and make recommendations to increase your family’s comfort with heating and cooling systems, maintenance plans, duct cleaning, and accessories to ensure your home is luxuriously comfortable.