WeCARE Protection

Keeping Your Home Protected Year-Round

Canco’s We Care Protection Plans are the Ultimate in Peace of Mind

Every Spring and Fall we get a rush of people requesting our annual maintenance services, or needing repairs because their furnace, fireplace, or a/c just isn’t working. It’s part of life in Ontario.

But our lives are much easier if we know about upcoming maintenance services. Your life is easier because you know your heating and cooling equipment will be in top shape. And the more homes we can pre-book, the more convenient and affordable it is for our customers.

And that’s why we’re happy to offer you our industry-leading Precision Tune-Up at a significant savings when you join our We Care Protection Plan.

We know that your equipment will be much easier to clean and repair when it is under our regular care. Even if we haven’t installed it, we’ll take care of you, your equipment, and your home, with the same quality service that has won us legions of loyal customers in Newmarket and throughout York Region.

Get The Plan Now

Annual Maintenance that Keeps Your Home Safe and Efficient

As part of your Protection Plan, you’ll receive seasonal visits to ensure that your equipment stays in peak operating condition. In the Fall, we’ll perform the Precision Tune-Up on your furnace and fireplace. In the Spring, we’ll Tune-Up your Air Conditioner. Depending on the combination of appliances you choose to cover, we’ll also look at your hot water heater, HRV, and humidifier.

Our expert technicians will take care of any minor maintenance issues and alert you to any larger problems – or potential problems – to keep your home luxuriously comfortable. With the Protection Plan, repairs and maintenance are covered up to $800 per year, while with the Protection Plus Plan, your coverage is unlimited for normal wear-and-tear. For more information about our Protection and Protection Plus Plans, please contact us at 905-898-3912.

Protecting Your Home and Your Comfort with Annual Maintenance

You can be covered under our We Care Protection Plans whether your heating and cooling equipment was installed by us or by another company. After the Precision Tune-Up and any needed repairs, your equipment will be protected by our Plans. Protecting your heating and cooling home appliances, is only a small investment each month and with opportunities to customize the Plan to suit your needs, we’re confident you’ll find something that fits your home.

Under the terms of our Protection Plans, you’ll get:

  • Priority service in our queues
  • Free diagnostic visits
  • Free repairs,
  • Free parts, and labour; and
  • Discounts on any required replacement equipment.

So your current equipment will be protected for as long as you own it and when you’re ready to buy you’ll get a nice discount on your new furnace, boiler, or other heating and cooling appliance.

At Canco, we’re serious about your home comfort and our home comfort specialist will assess your home and make recommendations to increase your family’s comfort with heating and cooling systems, maintenance plans and duct cleaning, and accessories to ensure your home has a high indoor air quality and comfort level.

Get your home protected now by Canco and take one more thing off of your To Do list for greater peace of mind.