WeCARE Precision Tune Up

Taking Care of Your Biggest Investment with Annual Maintenance

Protecting Your Furnace, Fireplace, A/C, and Family with Care

Regularly inspected home comfort equipment breaks down less often and runs more efficiently. Clean equipment that is well-maintained is also safer for your home.

You’re home will feel healthier and safer when you know that the equipment is clean and working at peak efficiency. To make having a clean and safe home even easier on your wallet, consider our We Care Maintenance Plans to save 20% or more on your yearly services.

A 30+ Point Inspection Keeps Your Home Efficient

Our trained technicians will carry out a 30+ point inspection of your equipment and take care of any cleaning that is required. If there are needed repairs, they’ll prepare a quote and explain to you what needs to be done and why – in language you can understand.

Our staff are trained to handle nearly every type and brand of heating and cooling equipment and even if we didn’t install what you have, we’ll keep it running smoothly for years to come.

Furnace and Air Conditioning Tune-Ups Include:

Check evaporator coil Lubricate fan motor Set manifold pressure
Monitor expansion valve Check start and run capacitors Test fan limit switch
Clean evaporator drain Check start and run delays Clean blower wheel
Adjust bypass dampers Monitor refrigerant level Inspect valves
Clean or replace filters Adjust operating pressures Check flue
Tighten electrical connections Measure voltage differences Check flame baffle
Evaluate safety controls Measure amperage draw Clean combustion chamber
Measure temperature difference Clean and adjust burners Clean heat exchanger
Clean condenser coil Evaluate vent system Test thermocouple
Adjust thermostat calibration Set burner adjustment Check combustion air
Check fan blades for tightness Measure gas input Remove blower assembly

The Benefits of Yearly Maintenance

  • Reduced cooling and heating costs will save you money
  • Improving your HVAC equipment efficiency will get you the most performance from your investment
  • Peace of mind and increased savings by adding years to the life of your HVAC equipment
  • Clean equipment is more dependable so you’ll have comfort when you want it
  • Protect your home with equipment that is functioning safely and correctly
  • Our maintenance plan customers receive No Heat Priority Service
  • Add value to your home with our transferable agreements
  • Access our 24-hour Emergency Heating Service to keep your family warm
  • For even more benefits, and to save at least 20% on your heating and cooling equipment maintenance, check out our We Care Maintenance Plan.
  • To feel the ultimate in peace of mind, including complete repair coverage, investigate our We Care Protection Plans

Canco Takes Care of Your Indoor Air Quality and More

When we say we want you to experience luxurious home comfort, we mean it. And our expert technicians and home comfort specialists will evaluate your home to give you the best while working with your budget. From driveway de-icers and in-floor radiant heating to total home systems that keep each zone of your home at the perfect temperature, we can customize your heating and cooling to suit your needs.

Once we’ve set up your home just right, our annual maintenance plans will keep it running at peak efficiency – keeping you and your home safe and comfortable. Contact us today to find out more or to schedule an appointment with one of our home comfort specialists.