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Call Canco ClimateCare for great Furnace repair service in Newmarket ON
The Heating & Cooling Professionals who CARE
Call Canco ClimateCare for great Furnace repair service in Newmarket ON
The Heating & Cooling Professionals who CARE

9. Need More Information?

9. Need More Information?

Check out our free publications

Natural Resources Canadas (NRCan's) Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) has many free publications that will help you understand home heating systems, home energy use and transportation efficiency. These publications explain what you can do to reduce your energy and maintenance costs while increasing your comfort and helping the environment.

Want to draftproof and reduce your energy use?

Keeping the Heat In is a guide to all aspects of home insulation and draftproofing. Whether you plan to do it yourself or hire a contractor, this 134-page book (also available in CD format) can help make it easier.

How about home heating, cooling and ventilation systems?

If you are interested in a particular energy source, NRCan has booklets on heating with electricity, gas, oil, heat pumps and wood. Other publications are available on heat recovery ventilators, wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, air conditioning your home and comparing heating costs.

... and consumer's guides?

The Consumer's Guides can help you choose energy-efficient items, such as household appliances, lighting products, office equipment, windows and doors, and a resale home.

... and EnerGuide directories?

EnerGuide is designed to help you choose energy-using products that use the least amount of energy. The EnerGuide label, which is affixed to major electrical household appliances and room air conditioners, helps you choose the most energy-efficient models. Annual directories list the EnerGuide ratings of major electrical household appliances and room air conditioners.

... and energy-efficient new housing?

R-2000* homes use up to 50 percent less energy than conventional dwellings. Features include state-of-the-art heating systems, high levels of insulation, use of solar energy, and whole-house ventilation systems that provide continuous fresh air to all rooms. Once completed, R-2000 homes are subject to third-party testing. Call or write for further details on this Canadian technology.

... and transportation efficiency?

The Auto$mart Guide shows you how to buy, drive and maintain your car to save money and energy. The Car Economy Calculator helps you determine your vehicle's fuel consumption. The annual Fuel Consumption Guide lists the fuel consumption ratings of most new vehicles sold in Canada. Information is also available on fuel alternatives to gasoline and diesel, such as propane, natural gas, ethanol and methanol fuels.

To receive any of the free publications listed above, please contact

Energy Publications
Office of Energy Efficiency
Natural Resources Canada
c/o S.J.D.S.
Gatineau Qc J9J 3N7

Tel.: 1 800 387-2000 (toll-free)
Fax: (819) 779-2833
In the National Capital Region, call 995-2943.
TTY: (613) 996-4397 (teletype for the hearing-impaired)

Please allow three weeks for delivery.

*R-2000 is an official mark of Natural Resources Canada.

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Source: Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) - Office of Energy Efficiency
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