Our Smart Thermostats Take the Worry Out of Home Comfort

When you choose a smart thermostat you can relax and enjoy your time at home and your time away knowing that your home’s comfort is being maintained to precise temperatures that will keep your most important people and assets protected.

These thermostats are so smart that their efficient operation will save you money on your hydro bill as your heating and cooling becomes finely attuned to the weather outside and the needs of the people inside.

Aprilaire is our go-to choice for indoor air quality maintenance. From humidifiers and dehumidifiers to whole home air cleaners, Aprilaire lets us provide you with luxurious home comfort. We have total confidence in their products and are proud to install a range of Aprilaire thermostats.

With the ecobee thermostat you receive the extra advantage of remote control. For instance, if you’re heading up to the cottage on a beautiful winter weekend you can log in to your account and turn up the heat before you leave so that by the time you arrive up north you’re walking into a toasty warm and luxurious retreat.