Furnaces Are the Heart of Your Home Comfort

Heating Options That Give You Control

Just as your body requires a heart to function, so does your home. Without a heat source, our homes would be unliveable in the long Canadian winters. At Canco, we offer furnaces from Trane, Coleman, York® and our own ClimateCare line. Each of these quality brands is available in several models to suit every size home and efficiency requirement. With Energy Star-rated performance and a lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger, these brands deliver some of the best and quietest performance in the industry.

Just like the heart requires a healthy body to perform at its best, a furnace works best in a healthy home. We offer products and services to ensure that your home operates at its best throughout the year. Our ClimateCare home comfort specialists will evaluate your home’s needs in a thorough home assessment and make recommendations to increase your home’s efficiency and safety. Our licensed technicians will then make the modifications necessary to create a home that is luxuriously comfortable. Contact us today to learn more about our home comfort solutions. From air cleaners and humidifiers to gas fireplaces, furnaces and air conditioners we’re serious about your comfort.

Modulating Gas Furnaces Maximize Comfort in All Conditions

Maybe your home is ready to upgrade to a modulating gas furnace from York® or ClimateCare that delivers exactly the right amount of heat in every situation. While most furnaces have a basic on/off setting, or perhaps a two-stage system, a modulating gas furnace delivers the amount of heat your home needs — from chilly autumn nights to the downright freezing depths of winter. Just like your car can move at different speeds depending on the driving conditions, these modulating furnaces adjust their flame and fan speeds based on your heating needs to deliver some of the quietest performance in the industry.

We can install a new programmable thermostat to ensure that your home’s temperature is accurately controlled. We also offer financing on our major installations.

Aprilaire and Matrix: Two More Options for Luxurious Home Comfort

Much like gas fireplaces can be used to create independent zones of warmth throughout your home, the Aprilaire Zoning System works within your existing ducts to establish home comfort zones with each zone having its own thermostat. You’ll save money by only heating or cooling those areas of your home that are being used.

Imagine combining your water heater, furnace, boiler and HRV (heat recovery ventilator) into one compact unit, ready to connect to your air conditioner. Imagine reducing your carbon footprint while increasing your home’s comfort with this all-in-one unit. The Matrix Total Home System, developed after 15 years of research, delivers just what you’re looking for.

Whole-Home Air Quality Products Attach to Your Furnace

Optimizing your home’s internal climate wouldn’t be complete without considering the air quality. Our full line of air cleaners and filters and humidifiers will complete your quest for luxurious home comfort and keep your family healthier through every season.

Our whole-home air quality products are installed directly onto your furnace, ensuring that their benefits flow right along with the heat or cool that your home needs.

Contact us today, by phone or email, to schedule a service appointment or book an assessment and free, no obligation, quote on improving your home’s comfort.