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Central Air Conditioning

The trusted brand of York Central Air Conditioning continues to be our customers’ first choice when measuring value and comfort. York has recently updated their lineup of cooling products. More choice means more value.

All central air conditioning systems must be installed by qualified, licensed contractors and technicians. During the on-site customer-needs-analysis our Comfort Adviser will perform a survey including a heat gain calculation, sheet metal duct system analysis, furnace or air handler check, calculations for the return and supply air outlets, condenser location, electrical and drain requirements to name a few.

No system is complete until our customers are completely satisfied with the installation and  performance of our equipment. See our “100% Money Back Guarantee” for details.

Gold Level Product    Up to 18 SEER

Affinity Series
The most advanced air conditioner York offers. The  Affinity Series series air conditioner has some of the lowest sound levels in the industry. The Quiet Drive  Swept-Wing fan design adapted from aeronautic and defence engineering, provides whisper quiet operation by allowing airflow to flow smoothly across the fan tips. Further sound reduction is possible with a Composite Polymer sound absorbing base pan which can never rust. These are only a few features of the Affinity Series air conditioner.

For more details see the following brochures: 13/14 Seer CZB, 15 Seer CZE and 18 Seer CZH

Silver Level Product

The world’s first and only MicroChannel MiniCube High Efficency Central Air Conditioner.

This new coil manufacturing technology has made it possible to produce a high quality product with a very small footprint. The MicroChannel process, (picture to the right) uses parallel flow in Micro-Channels ensuring effective heat exchange.

The clad fins are metallurgically bonded to tubes flattened with micro ports to promote air flow and thermal transfer.

Most air conditioners are tested to a salt spray corrosion test of 1000 hours or less. MicroChannel coils have passed a 7000 hour test indicating better performance in harsh environments.

For more details see the following brochures: LX Air Conditioners up to 16 SEER

Bronze Level Product

Latitude Series

Up to 16 SEER Micro Channel air conditioners designed for an entry level budget having the same small footprint as the Silver Level Product. Cosmetic changes were made to reduce manufacturing costs. The MicroChannel features remain the same.  This air conditioner also uses the environmentaly friendly 410A refrigerant

This is one tough solid air conditioner at a very affordable price.

Latitude Series brochure